James Jackson, Jr.

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VOCAL coaching

Why do I teach?

As artists, we have a responsibility to give back to our community.  There is no greater respect than that which I have for the craft of musicianship, and for the understanding of the importance of collaboration.  Collaboration is a necessity as an artist.  On one hand, the artist must understand how to work with others, as well as how to collaborate fully with a multitude of artistic, intrinsic, and extrinsic forces.  We've got to be several different people to make it through this city on a daily basis.  I believe that examining how to channel that specific energy leads directly to creativity.   


How do I teach?

The clearest pathway to creativity is the one with the highest level of comfortability.  As performers, we use our bodies to tell stories.  This can lead to storing those "everyday New York City extrinsic forces" in different places in our body, thus interrupting our own pathway.  A stalled NYC subway system can easily ruin your day.  How to put the story of a piece of music into our bodies and make that story just as much a part of us as the strong foundation in technique on which we rely, is the most important thing to me.  Discovering material that speaks to you as a performer, and that you can interpret organically is where we begin.

When do i teach?

Scheduling time to work on your craft is very important.  I like to be as flexible as possible to deal with the hectic schedules most performers must navigate to maintain their careers.  Making time for you to work, to collaborate, to study, and to create is extremely important, but begins with the simple scheduling of our first meeting. Contact me HERE, and let's start working together.  Tell me about yourself and how I can help.