James Jackson, Jr.

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James Jackson, Jr. is a New York City based performance artist, cabarettist, vocal coach, producer and …all around Renaissance man.

For 20 years, this storyteller and his art have made New York City home.  He has become a recognized & respected talent on all creative fronts.  "If you're going to be the only one," James often recalls in his stage show, "Be THE only one!  The onliest."

How did we get here?  Dance belts, regional theatre stage yelts, and earning his place in the burgeoning downtown performance art scene of NYC. There was a team of demanding Brits, and even a rather unfortunate stop in Branson, Missouri. These all lead to the shaping of James’ artistic truth and flourishing career which has graced the prestigious stages of Radio City Music Hall as well as Carnegie Hall.

As an educator, James has an ever-growing roster of students.  Navigating the pathways of song-interpretation, technique, and material selection, with James’ intense focus on their connection to the body, has proven successful with young students, adult students, amateurs, and professionals seeking a better understanding of both their instrument and their natural artistic abilities.

His highly emotional, devastatingly funny cabaret act has been seen at Joe’s Pub, 54 Below, The Green Room 42, DROM, Duane Park, The American Repertory Theatre’s Club Oberon in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and Los Angeles’ Lyric Theatre.  James’ razor-sharp wit, unique sense of humor, talent, and on & off stage persona have become an artistic force to be reckoned with as well as a voice that people want to hear as he changes the face of the concert stage.


Photographer: Brian Edwards

Artist: James Jackson, Jr.